As the name implies, Switch Indie Reviews is all about indie games on the Nintendo Switch. We hope to create a central hub for indies on the system with news, reviews, intereviews, and game information.

This site was founded for three reasons. First, I wholeheartedly believe that the Nintendo Switch is an industry-changing console. I grew up playing my Game Boy late into the night (and waking up to it first thing in the morning). I loved the connection that handhelds provided, and that still remains true today. With the Vita, I hoped that I’d finally have access to console-quality games on the small-screen, and I suppose that was true to a point. Unfortunately, Sony abandoned the Vita and that hope has long since died. But now with the Switch, it’s really happening, and I love it.

Second, I’m appalled by the general disregard some gamers have for indie games. If I see another comment about how so and so game looks worse than games we played in the 90s, I’m gonna lose my shit. We live in a world that houses new, shiny things around every corner. Too many people are always charging forward, convinced that there’s only enough time for what they know. But me? Indie games saved my interest in gaming, and I fell in love with games that the old me wouldn’t even have given a chance.

Finally, I think the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic platform for indie games. I’d explain myself, but…well, that’s why this site exists. You’ll understand soon enough.

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