Our Team

Andy Chassé


Andy used to hate indie games, but now he can’t get enough of them. Funny how the world works, eh? He’s open to all games, but especially loves raging through roguelikes and menu-hopping through RPGs. Outside of gaming, Andy spends most of his time reading fantasy, running, and hanging out with his wife, dog, and two kitties.

Brandon Stephenson

Associate Editor

Brandon has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. He plays any game recommended to him. Kingdom Hearts is a subject you don’t want to start him on. Outside of gaming, Brandon enjoys watching baseball. He wishes every console had a handle on the back like the GameCube.

Omar Banat

Staff Writer

Hello Switch and Indie fans, my name is Omar. Indie titles are what keep me gaming in a world filled 80+ hour jrpgs and 10 hour triple a titles which oddly still cost $60. My indie love is not confined to the switch. One of my favorite experiences of the year was playing cuphead on my PC. Besides video games I’m also a big fan of sports and cooking.

Casey Guenette

Staff Writer

Born and bred in Southern New Jersey, I spent majority of my childhood beating up my favorite characters in Super Smash Bros and catching them all in Pokemon. Looking to spice up my daily adult life, I found my niche in this website reviewing games I may have easily overlooked before. I spend my time away from the glow of a screen shredding mountains while snowboarding, catching MONSTER fish (9-inches is big, right!?), and cheering on my favorite Philadelphia sport teams. Except the Eagles. They suck. Go Packers for life!

Jordan Zolan

Staff Writer

Jordan along with his dog Tiberius are on a mission to spread Nintendo fandom around the globe, one indie game at a time! A lover of all things gaming, Sci-Fi, and history, Jordan hopes you enjoy his reviews and other video game musings. So Say We All!

Kris Cornelisse

Staff Writer

Kris is an Australian guy has been gaming since a very young age, and writing almost as long as that. He figured that combining the two hobbies into something more serious was better than having everyone complain that he spent too much time on them, so here he is. His favourite genres lean more towards RPGs and strategy games, but you’ll also find him anywhere you can find a good story.

Ed Bobincheck

Staff Writer

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve spent my life growing up with video games. Thankfully, I broke out of the fanboy era of my teen years, to diversify my taste in genres, companies, and ways of thinking. Willing to give almost any game a try, I’m actively on the most impossible hunt. Trying to find a game that’s better than the best game I’ve ever played, Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves.

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