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What is an indie game?

Indie is a touchy label and for that reason, we don’t follow a set definition. However, most of the games you’ll see on Switch Indie Reviews are either self-published by a small developer or published by an equally small publisher. Occasionally, you might see a game that you disagree with. Welcome to life.


What our review scores mean:

10: Life-changing. Well, maybe not quite, but it’s as close to perfect as a game can get.

9: Fantastic. Nines have a flaw or three, but they’re so fun you’ll forget about them after 15 minutes.

8: Great. Eights are generally enjoyable all the way through, with a few irritations.

7: Good. Sevens are solid fun, but might be lacking in a major area.

6: So-so. Sixes should be safe for fans of the genre, but they’re otherwise disappointing.

5: Mediocre. Fives are forgettable. They’re meh.

4: Sub-par. Fours have a positive point or two, but they’re heavily outnumbered by negatives.

3: Bad. Threes might do something right, but there’s too much wrong to care.

2: Awful. Twos have issues everywhere.

1: Is this even a game?


Buy, or no buy?

This is the TLDR version for those who simply want to make an informed purchasing decision.

1 – 4: Probably not worth your time. There might be some positive points but for the most part, these games have serious problems that ruin the experience. We don’t recommend that you buy them.

5 – 6: Could go either way. This is no man’s land. These games have an even split of good and bad. Fans of the genre are probably fine to make the purchase, but non-fans might want to think twice.

7 – 10: Probably worth picking up. These games are pretty great. The positives far outweigh the negatives and you shouldn’t regret buying them.


Review disclaimers

Every review we publish has one of these. If we purchased the game with our own money, we’ll tell you. If we received a code from the developer/publisher, we’ll tell you.

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