The Mummy Demastered Review

In The Mummy Demastered, developed by WayForward, you play as a no-name, very disposable Prodigium soldier called ‘Agent.’ You’re given orders by some guy in a suit named Dr. Henry Jekyll to go and look for other disposable missing agents in a cave in Iraq. Eventually, it’s found out that the missing agents were actually killed and/or held captive as mind slaves by the evil mummy known as Ahmanet. The story is as straightforward as it seems: agents go missing, send an agent to find them, only to find out they’ve been killed so now it’s up to you to avenge them. The game doesn’t really suffer from having a very basic story though. In fact, it actually works fine as something to just pick up and put down without losing out on any previously forgotten plot.  

I call ‘Agent’ disposable due to the fact that when dying in the game, a new agent gets deployed in his place and his mission is to carry out the mission of the previous agent. You also have to defeat the previous agent who’s been turned into a zombie by Ahmanet. Did I mention the zombie agent keeps all your previous power ups and upgrades until you go and defeat him without them? Also, zombie agent can attack you with all your weapons. Additionally, if you die fighting a zombie agent, your current running agent also becomes a zombie and your newly deployed agent has to fight the two zombie agents along with how ever many more agents you lose in the process. I beat the game in nine hours, but three of those hours were just trying to get my equipment back from zombie agents. It was extremely tedious, especially when you die far away from your last save point so you have to traverse half the map, facing off numerous amounts of constantly spawning enemies, just to fight and lose to this OP zombie enemy.

The enemy designs aren’t too creative. Most common enemies are rats that can crawl around the whole perimeter of the map, bats that never stop spawning and shoot out purple poison gas, and zombies that spawn out of the dirt over and over again. The boss designs aren’t much more creative at first with boss types like giant spider or giant lizard, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the boss fights are still fun and very challenging. Later bosses are more creative in design and in the structure of the fight itself. I was personally hoping for a big CGI scorpion The Rock boss, but I knew that was aiming too high.

When it came to the power-ups and special moves, they were basically just different guns. That was fine, but I was hoping for crazier stuff like grapple hooks or guns with actual functionality other than to kill enemies. The guns are just a variety of gun types like flame thrower and shotgun, but the later ones get a little better while also obtaining some actual functioning powers-ups along the way like a ceiling grab and a dash. I just wished the flamethrower had more utility like melting frozen doors but it’s really just good at melting bosses, no pun intended.

The Mummy Demastered couldn’t be more separated from The Mummy franchise. It is a good-looking Metroidvania with a really great soundtrack to go along with it. There are still some other things I wish would’ve been a little better. The enemy designs aren’t the most creative, there aren’t really any special moves, and there’s not much of a story either. Overall, The Mummy Demastered was very enjoyable and extremely challenging. Some might find it too challengingI almost did. It’s definitely a game that’s easy to pick up whenever in a plane or a car ride and enjoy. Even with its problems, I enjoyed the game from beginning to end with minor hiccups here and there. The soundtrack alone brings this game up pretty high but the gameplay itself is super fun for a game to pick up and put down without having to remember the lure at all times.


Disclaimer: David purchased The Mummy Demastered with his own hard-earned cash for this review.

  • Great music
  • Stylish design
  • Fun gameplay
  • Harsh death penalty
  • Not so great writting
  • Basic enemy design

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